Welcome to Shannon Ridge: Sustainable Farming Practices for Better Wine

When you drink a good glass of wine, what do you taste? Do you simply taste the sweet and bitter flavors of wine? Or do you taste the life from the grapes, soil, air, and water? The best vineyards are said to practice sustainable practices. Shannon Ridge is the perfect example. We strive to create the best wine, but we also strive to be good to the land and our neighbors.  We want our future generations to enjoy the fine taste of wine. Therefore, we implement good global and social practices into every bottle of wine.  Continue reading and discover our sustainable farming practices.

Reduced Use of Herbicides

To maintain consumer safety, we restrict the use of herbicides. Pesticides may kill unwanted plants, but they cause unwanted health risks.   Instead, we use sheep, a system we call Ovis Cycle. These animals eat the unwanted weeds and other plants. You’re left with plentiful grapes that are picked and used for your wine.

Tractor, Weed Eater, and Mower Reduction

Sheep also reduce the need to mow. So much, we estimate we mow 500% less. Gas-powered weed eaters have ultimately been eliminated. This restricts the use of fossil fuels, and we rely on natural means to remove weeds from our crops.  Fossil fuels have always been a reliable source of energy for machinery. But fossil fuels also emit dangerous gases into our ecosystem.  At Shannon Ridge, our sustainable farming practices coincide with consumer safety and safety for our environment.

Better Work for Humans

Before, humans were out mowing the vineyards and spraying crops with pesticide. But we gave these jobs to a group who’s cheaper and only works for food: sheep!  So, what are the humans left to do? The most important job: winemaking.  Yes, the Ovis Cycle ensures our humans primarily enter the field to prune and to bring back the most delicious and plump grapes.  They take these grapes to be crushed and fermented. Then, our humans take the fermented alcohol and pour the wine into the bottles.  All that’s left is wine delivery to your doorstep.

Wildfire Prevention

With all of these economic and sustainable practices, what’s the worst that can happen to our vineyards, wine, sheep, and humans? A fire, of course. And California has had nasty experiences with wildfires.  But Shannon Ridge is a step ahead. Fortunately, sheep love eating stuff that ignites in flame. Our sheep consume cover crops, dry grasses, and other excess leaves.  We don’t use any flammable objects in our vineyards, protecting our staff and vineyards from wildfires.

Try Wine Made with Sustainable Farming Practices

When you taste our wine, we want you to taste more than sustainably farmed and high-quality grapes. We want you to taste the love and nurturing we give to the land and animals.  We want you to taste the craftsmanship of our workers and winemakers who focus on growing the best mountain fruit possible.  Shannon Ridge is devoted to sustainable farming and winemaking. If you want to try sustainable wine, take a look at our wine selection.

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