The Wine Club You’ve Been Searching For

At Shannon Ridge, we’re dedicated to creating a family of excellent wines from certified sustainable vineyards in Lake County. We’re passionate about our land and those we share it with, but we’re also passionate about having some fun. That’s why we’re calling all winos and sassy lasses — The Shannon Ridge wine club was designed just for you.

What’s Included

Whether you’re looking for a lot or a little wine per quarter, our Wine Club breaks down into three tiers. First, we have your Outlaws- receiving 12 bottles per quarter and a 35% discount. Next up, the Ropers are in for 6 bottles per quarter and a 30% discount, followed by the Wranglers with a 4-bottle commitment per quarter and a 25% discount. Each club offering comes with the opportunity to choose solely reds, whites, or mixed wine!

No Baaad Days

Beyond receiving award-winning wine four times a year, our members have access to exclusive wine club-only events. Enter Sheep Camp: our annual day of sheep shearing, barbecue eating, and wine drinking.  

As warm summer days quickly approach the Lake County hills, our flock of sheep begin to feel the heat in their winter coats. Our unique springtime Sheep Camp tradition invites wine club members to the property to see how our sheep are shorn and what happens with the wool.

Near the top of the property, guests are encouraged to roam the grounds with a glass (or three) of our upcoming releases. This year’s selection included the High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc and Buck Shack Cabernet Sauvignon. When the dinner bell rings, it’s time for speeches, raffles, and fantastic barbecue, prepared right at Sheep Camp.

What Happens in the Buck Shack…

In the Ye Old Buck Shack, a 100-year-old skinning shed, guests take this adage to heart. With western-themed photo props, the Buck Shack brings out the wildest in Sheep Camp attendees.

We’re excited to share that the annual sheep shearing party has grown each year. We’re looking to make it even bigger in the years to come, and we would love to have you join us. So are you a wino? A sassy lass? An outlaw, roper, or even a wrangler? We invite you to join your kindred spirits in our wine club. Reward: award-winning, top quality wine and some great times.

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