Whiskey + Wine: A Match Made in California

Bourbon and wine are two inherently different concoctions but of the same artisanal, American origin. And from the emerald rows that stretch across Lake Country, we’ve created something that is true to who we are and we are extremely excited to share it with you. Now, the grain and grape are converging in a winemaking practice taking wine cellars by storm — Bourbon barrel-aged wine.

On one hand, French oak barrels are a necessity in winemaking. For centuries, those beautiful barrels held wine, lingering in a marinade of tannins and acid, eventually resulting in refined, always unique, layers of flavor and aroma. On the other hand, the Bourbon barrel is a hardy American creation born from Kentucky innovation and Scottish blood. These white oak barrels are charred first, which gives Bourbon its lush copper color. Inside those blazed barrels is the whiskey, with intensifying sweet and spicy layers of vanilla, caramel, and oak. Now, imagine the powerful partnership between a deep red wine like Cabernet and the strong, honeyed structure of the Bourbon barrel. The smooth berry and tobacco notes of the wine will mature for months to come, while the remnants of fiery whiskey will continue to seep through the oak, branding a subtle but unmistakable flavor on the Cabernet.

Bourbon and wine are discovered and perfected along different timelines and by different hands, but of the same ancient story of craftsmanship. Now, after centuries, the two are coming together in one final and untouched place – the barrel.

Here at Shannon Ridge, we’re loyal Bourbon drinkers with an inherent connection to the land —  making bourbon barrel-aged wine a no-brainer for us. So we got our hands dirty, our feet wet, fashioned a balance between new age and old world, and now it has the perfect bottle. We’ve been aging this Cabernet Sauvignon in bourbon barrels for three months – and the taste is undeniable. It’s a vintage passion from our white oak barrels and an earthy luxury from our red wine that hails from none other than the Buck Shack.

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