Top-Quality, Affordable Wines for Any Day of the Week

Pouring Shannon Ridge Wine

Indulging in your weekly on-screen guilty pleasure, toasting to a delicious meal you prepared with your significant other, or just appreciating the aroma of that wine swirl on days that end in y, the best wines should be a nice complement to everyday life. That’s why we’ve created an entire family of wines you can uncork anytime, anywhere.

Shannon Ridge 2017 High Elevation Zinfandel Bottle Shot


Uncork a Red Wine…

Coined an editor’s choice, our 2017 Shannon Ridge High Elevation Zinfandel was rated 92 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. This rivals our competitors in the same point range, who charge three-times the price for their bottles! Wine Enthusiast Magazine describes our 2017 Zinfandel as, “extraordinarily deep and resonant in a black fruit flavor, this is a full-bodied wine that has great focus and a moderate layer of tannins to offer grip. Blackberry, plum and cherry flavors all contribute to the palate and keep reverberating on the finish.” This red wine pairs well on a weeknight with a bowl of your favorite pasta!


Shannon Ridge Bottle Shot of 2018 High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc

Pour a White Wine…

 Another steal is our High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc. Wine Enthusiast Magazine praises our top-quality Sauvignon Blanc as, “lively and fresh, this medium bodied wine is just what many people look for. It smells grassy and grapefruity, tastes riper and full like honeydew melon, and has a pleasant richness on the palate.” This crisp white wine makes an easily drinkable wine while you watch just “one more” episode of that new show you stumbled on.

Or Raise a Glass of Rosé…Shannon Ridge 2017 Vigilance 2017 Rose Bottle Shot

In the mood for a fruity wine offering? This 90-point 2017 Vigilance Rosé is applauded by Wine Enthusiast as an “assertive medium-bodied wine [with] a bright-pink color, vivid raspberry aromas and crisp lively berry flavors supported by great acidity. The fruit notes deepen on the palate and turn riper and more substantial on the finish.” And you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this beautiful bottle! Swirl a glass of our Rosé by the pool or sunset on the porch, any day of the week.

Whether you choose a white, red or Rosé, our Shannon Ridge Family of Wines are something you can enjoy any day. Pop the cork and share a glass (or three) with friends, anytime, anywhere!