Take a stroll through our land — more like a hike, really —  and miles of rolling hills and pristine vineyards greet you in every direction. There’s a reason the hilltops seem to wave back, brushed side to side in the breeze.

Hint: it’s not that third glass of Cabernet.


It’s no secret that Clay Shannon is a farmer first. His love of protecting mother earth and cultivating the land is infectious, and drives everything we do here at Shannon Ridge. His methods are no mystery; the key to our success is the Ovis Cycle. It’s all about the sheep.

  Old Pearl, lounging in her favorite Carhartt dog bed.  

Spend a couple of minutes scrolling our social feeds and it’s obvious — we love our dogs here at Shannon Ridge. Yes, it is as fun as it looks, being surrounded by so much floof; our four-legged friends provide companionship, laughs, and all-around marketing gold. What’s more, they have played an indispensable role in our ecosystem from day one; the safety of our workers and our livestock depends on these capable cuties.

This post, however, isn’t about our sustainable farming practices, tasting notes, or ratings. It’s about a goofy ol’ gal that has stolen our hearts and become family to us.