At Shannon Ridge, we live in harmony with Mother Nature.

The vineyards feed the sheep, the sheep feed the vines; lamb feeds the people, people drink the wine and wear wool.


Erosion protection and farmland restoration

Over the years our hilltops have been eroded by the wind. As a preferred sleeping spot for the sheep, natural fertilization has caused the grass to grow and restore hilltops into productive areas.

Wildfire prevention and protection

The sheep eat the cover crops, dry grasses and other leaf material that can fuel wildfires, thus creating fire protection on the property.

Ovis Cycle (O-vis sahy-kuhl)

Ovis – Latin for Sheep

Cycle – a sequence of changing stages that, upon completion, produces a final state identical to the original one.

Better productivity for our human crews

The sheep are used to remove basil leaves and trunk suckers from the vines. This means less manual labor for our valuable vineyard crews.

Reduced use of mowers, tractors and weed eaters

At Shannon Ridge the sheep have reduced our need to mow by 500%. The use of gas powered weed eaters have nearly been eliminated. This means far less use of fossil fuels in our farming system.

Reduced use of herbicides

The sheep have greatly reduced our use of herbicide. We are able to treat individual areas only as needed.